Our History

1952 Pic Newspaper EFD fire stationIn the summer of 1949, at one of the meetings of the Evergreen Booster Club, discussion ensued about the need of fire protection; and Martin Sundberg and Carl Lasater were appointed to work on the formation of a fire department.


On December 17, 1949, Flathead County Commissioners appointed as Fire Wardens for the Evergreen District, Martin Sundberg, Carl Gilbertson and R. E. Ward. Also involved were Carl Lasater, Ray Ward and Harold Mohn. Their equipment, provided by the County, consisted of four Indian back packs and four Pulaski’s. During these early years “the department” grew from four, to sixteen, to twenty-two members. Their commitment of time and labor, along with community and business donations provided land, building materials, tank, ladders, pumps, hose and nozzles, for their first hall located at about 2243 Hwy 2 East (across the highway from the existing fire station).

(1954 minutes of Commissioner's approving the District)

On July 21, 1954, Flathead County Commissioners “approved the petition for the creation of the Evergreen Fire District embracing the area known as School District No. 50.” (Evergreen School District was created in 1904)  This allowed for property tax-based funding for equipment, land for a fire hall and a pumper tanker truck. The tax base this first year was $491,761. In 1956 land was purchased and in 1957 a new fire hall was constructed on the site of the existing fire station. In 1968, the north half addition of the fire hall was completed by a contractor giving adequate space for the additional trucks and a large space for the meetings of the firemen.

(insert link to copy of 1959 incorporation of Evergreen Volunteer Fire District)

The Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated in 1959 and the club’s purpose was primarily “to provide fire protection to the residents of the Evergreen area east of Kalispell, other areas as needed, and for social and recreational pleasure of its members.” The Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department grew to be a community focal point, whether in Evergreen or at the Fair, for fifty years.

(Clerk and Recorders 2000 letter about the District)

Currently the Evergreen Fire District, aka, Evergreen Fire Rescue serves a population of about 9,000. Residential and commercial development, and annexations, during the last sixty years, has increased the District area to 23 square miles and the tax base to $17,411,939 in 2013. Its focus has evolved to providing emergency services from its original design of fire protection.

(Map of the District)

The Volunteer Department laid the base for EFR’s purpose in responding timely to emergencies in its immediate and surrounding area. The character of EFR has changed from the men, wives and families of thirty to forty years ago. New members of EFR are in their twenties, single or married, female or male, with one to two years of EMT/Paramedic college level course work and degrees along with their firefighting training.  The core group has five to ten years of wide-ranging paramedic experience and corresponding firefighting experience and training.

The Evergreen community showed their support for the ongoing Evergreen Fire District operation with the passage of the $4,400,000 bond levy to construct a new fire station in 2009 on the same site. The old fire hall’s foot print is within the new fire station’s apparatus bays.

(Certification of Election Results)


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